Port of Nessie Amigo Living Soul 'Amigo'




D.o.B.: 29.01.2017.

Health results:

HD:A, ED:0, Eyes: Clear (2018.)
PRA-Prcd, EIC, HNPK: Clear


Dolphingham Dungeons and Dragons CH Marinstide Roll the Dice Greenworth Odds Against Greenworth The Sadler
Greenworth Pure Grain
Martinstide Chantilly Lace Poolstead Pipe Major at Martinstide
Martinstide Tapestry
Dolphingham Drinka Pinta Milka Day Greenworth Vincent O'Brien at Mardas CH Tapeatom Gadding Around at Sandylands
Emsal Queen Bee to Greenworth
CH Dolphingham Daimler Benz Poolstead Part and Parcel
Lenches Gypsy

Port of Nessie Ginger Ale

CH Applejack's Nutbush City Limits Precious For Eternity Navigator CH Cambermer Wellington
CH Strongline's Explorer
CH Applejack's Song Society CH Applejack's Whoop De Doodle
CH Labrador Vom Bedhard Golden Song
Port of Nessie Wallaby Whisper CH Applejack's Whoop De Doodle CH Applejack's King of the Road
Guideline's Wiggety Waggety
CH Port of Nessie All Jazz CH Dolphingham DeeDeeTee
CH Midnight Sun Nymph


5 weeks old


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