Port of Nessie Derby by Part and Parcel 'Derby'


Co-owned with Sergio & Cinzia Sgorbati (Dolphingham labradors - Italy)

Derby born by Poolstead Part and Parcel - Pomeroy's frozen semen!




D.o.B.: 25.10.2012.

Health results:
HD: A, ED: 0, Eyes: Clear,
PRA-Prcd, EIC, HNPK: Clear


Poolstead Part and Parcel SHCH Poolstead Pipe Smoker SHCH Poolstead Preferential SHCH Poolstead Problem
SHCH Poolstead Preface
Poolstead Positive Mystery CH Cgarway Ballywill Will
Poolstead Package Holiday
Poolstead Pin-Feather CH Fabracken Comedy Star SHCH Martion Of Mardas
CH Poolstead Pin-Up Of Fabracken
Poolstead Puskas SHCH Poolstead Preferential
SHCH Poolstead Postal Vote
HSCH Port of Nessie Whole Jazz Singer CH Applejack's Whoop De Doodle CH Applejack's King Of The Road Destiny's Fight Fire with Fire
Applejack's Sweet Charity
Guideline's Wiggety Waggety CH Cambermer Wellington
Diver's Coral Reef
HVCH, HSCH, HJCH Port of Nessie All Jazz ITCH Dolphingham DeeDeeTee Poolstead Part and Parcel
Lenches Gypsy
HSCH Midnight Sun Nymph HJCH Fieldvalley's Nixon
Midnight Sun Black Label





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