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D.o.B.: 16.06.2014.

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HD: A, ED: 0, Eyes: Clear (2018),
PRA-Prcd, EIC, HNPK: Clear


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Jenny's show results:

Tata (H) I. Work and Show Halászi, Club Show - 27.05.2016. - Exc.3. - judge: Mrs. Lynda Heron (GB) Brigburn


WCW'13 Posters La Fin Du Monde CH Jayncourt Star Ovation Jayncourt Star Turn At Sandylands CH Sandylands Wait And See
Jayncourt Star Kisses
Dee-Fair Mild And Cutte At Jayncourt Jayncourt Movie Star
CH Jayncourt The Charmer
Posters Sevens Seas CH Posters Sparkling Ozzy CH Mambrino's Triumph
CH Attikonak Spring Hat With Veil
Attikonak Allelujah I Love Her So CH Poolstead Pigskin
Attikonak Don't Mess With Dynamite
HSCH Port of Nessie Whole Jazz Singer


CH Applejack's Whoop De Doodle CH Applejack's King of the Road Desttiny's Fight Fire With Fire
Applejack's Sweet Charity
Guideline's Wiggety Waggety CH Cambremer Wellington
Diver's Coral Reef
CH Port of Nessie All Jazz CH Dolphingham DeeDeeTee Poolstead Part and Parcel
Lenches Gypsy
CH Midnight Sun Nymph HJCH Fieldvalley's Nixon
Midnight Sun Black Label


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